We provide a wide range of dishes from African,asian,European to American


We provide a wide range of dishes from African,Asian,European to American with a detail to taste and uniqueness to quality. Our restaurant offers a 24 hour service with a computerized ordering system only to meet your comfort to the tip. Our breakfast is mainly classic while room service too is done to your need and timing. Our coffee has a wild aroma that exposes our African pride with several types like brewed black coffee, espresso, latte macchiato, Americano etc
Our menu is one that leaves you wondering our greatness as its items are matchless in taste and portion. We know how to catch you


Where have three different  outlets  all fully stocked with all types of spirits,liquors, syrups,beers,ales and soft drinks at very affordable rates Cocktails like mojito,pinacolada, bloody mary, garden courts case and many more are served by our very professional bartenders to the bollying rhythms of salsa. The meet your particular sports interest,a unique and convenient sports bar  with  giant plasma screens offer  all channels of sporting contents and an arms reach service just to let you own your fun.