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This is one of the largest five lakes that are near by the wetlands, and it accounts for only 20% of this unique lake found in western Uganda. The park covers only 370km² yet it has 5 lakes within. It’s situated between the towns of Masaka and Mbarara taking you about  1 hours to get there from Garden Courts Hotel . Lake Mburo National Park is  the only place where you can spot the Impalas in Uganda, Antelopes as well as the Elands. There are also many herds of  Buffalos and Zebras within this national park.

More so, the main story of how Lake Mburo came about is an Ankole myth. The two brothers known as Kigarama and Mburo used to live in a big valley. One day Kigarama had a dream and he decides to tell his brother that they had to move. Mburo just ignored his brother and Kigarama decide to move up into the hills.

The Valley down flooded with water and a lake was formed which drowned Mburo. And to the present, the lake is named after him and the nearby hills are called Kigarama after his own brother. The area is also related with the Cassine tree that has got powerful aphrodisiac effects. On these trees, you can see signs of bark as well as the branch removal and may be seen near the Kigambira loop crossroads. The other part of the park is well covered in acacia savannah as well as famous for associating many antelopes.

There are also five lakes in the park that always attract crocodiles, hippos, water birds as well as the swamps that harbor secretive papyrus specialists like the sitatunga antelopes, black and yellow papyrus ganalex etc.


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